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Gunning for reason

Just about everything has been said about guns in the past month. Because everyone has an opinion. Yup, I’m getting to mine. If I can just figger out what it is. I am one of the few people in the middle of this. That is, not entirely decided. And you […]

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Tracks on the Water

Stripes, an orange barn cat, would keep scarce, the barn’s owner, a middle-aged woman told me. The woman, fed up with Colorado winters, had packed her horse trailer for Florida. She pointed to the rafters where she had spotted the feline’s ears. I cat lurked, nestled in the pink blanket […]

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Grand Fenn Allies

The interstate highway system was designed by Eisenhower, my middle-school son told me many years ago, to create a place to land airplanes should our cold war enemies succeed in blowing up our airports. Hmm. I looked it up. Not too far from the truth. According to the National Archives […]

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Huckleberries Fine

What is the most exquisite food known to mankind? Truffles? A perfectly ripened comice pear? No, my friends, it is the huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum for example.) Huckleberries are found growing wild in lightly forested areas of Montana and Idaho between approximately 9,000 and 9,500 feet. (although they’ve been found as […]

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Ernesto, in earnest

Our Prius has 235,000 miles on it. And I’m giving our 13-year-old Subaru (nicknamed “The Mothership”) to our son, who we’ll call “Chance” in Colorado. Not only because all Subarus belong in either Colorado or Montana when they are let out to pasture, but because my son actually needs a […]