turning inward

Full Bloom

I’ve been warming up to pink. Never a fan, to me the smarmy color represents nausea and forced gender roles. But I had to get into the pink ribbon thing when it meant something to cancer strugglers I know. And now that forced cheer has turned to real cheer. It’s […]

turning inward

High in Colorado

It’s 8:30 p.m. Monday. My son, who we’ll call “Chance” puts the Subaru in reverse and pulls out of the parking space, having had his fill from one of Colorado Springs’ finest pizza ovens. I am still trying to get used to the mile-high altitude. He shifts into drive and […]

turning inward

Iran: they ran.

Where exactly is the line between interesting and uncomfortable? I’ve mentioned here before our Iranian friends, Dariush and Yalda. I was first introduced to Iranian culture when I lived in the rural burg of Kelseyville, California and made the mistake of speaking Spanish to a small woman being dragged to […]

turning inward

Divide Ride Fried

I thought driving a sag wagon would be great; four bicyclists want to ride the continental divide from Banff, Canada to the border of Mexico, I would go with … but not actually have to pedal. Each segment would be about ten days long, to be completed over several years. […]

turning inward

Train of Thought

I was super ready to go to Florida on a road trip to deliver my kid to college. Until the day came we actually had to slide in behind the wheel and calculate the distance to the first break, two hours down highway 66. I was no longer ready to […]

place, turning inward

My Friend

My friend. Translation: Mi ami. At what point I fall in love with Miami I do not know. Maybe the rice at the Cuban diner does it. Maybe the guy crossing the street talking on the phone to someone he loves in Spanish, pleading about something; maybe the music coming […]

going, turning inward

Access to the Top

Ask any band kid, “Who is Jamey Aebersold?” Every band kid worth his or her spit will offer some form of the answer: “He’s the music book guy.” The guy who invented the play-along, a way for students to have a back-up band without actually having to round up a […]