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Fading Lights

I have just one weekend with my husband-who-travels-a lot and his mother in San Diego, her home. To simplify things, I agree to just go along for the ride. You’ll see why. We shall call him “Lars,” the man I married 25 years ago after being set up by my […]

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Gunning for reason

Just about everything has been said about guns in the past month. Because everyone has an opinion. Yup, I’m getting to mine. If I can just figger out what it is. I am one of the few people in the middle of this. That is, not entirely decided. And you […]

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Shifting Borders

The day I first met “Esmeralda,” she was in a tree, a worn cotton picking sack around her shoulder, picking pears on a 14-foot ladder. In my orchard. I had never seen another woman in an orchard, besides the Lake and Mendocino County Farm Advisor, Rachel Elkins. When Esmeralda entered […]

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Saturday morning came early. It followed a rough week of paperwork, dishonest tenants, legal decisions, teetering hopes. So when my dear henna-headed friend who I’ll call “Terre” texted her idea, I rolled back over onto my pillow. I would have to think about it. The evidence shows she texted me […]