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Excusing excuses

First thing I learned about farming is there are no excuses. Maybe it’s the only thing I really learned. All the rest, just experiments really, produced no new wheel or mousetrap . . . or in my parallel universe, revision of manuscript. Edifying, perhaps, but measurable progress? Meh. Today I […]

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Hidden by the Wind

Wind. It’s what’s for dinner. And breakfast and all day long. Wind. It’s not only blowing the stars around and making the mountains sound like someone’s up there dying. It’s also moving snow into every crevice, filling last week’s footprints so I occasionally fall forward as a foot plummets from […]

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Meeting in the Middle with Brew

Hayden, Colorado (pop. 1,800), in the heart of coal country, neighbors its big brother, Craig, (pop 9,000), which lies 16 miles to the west where business windows host signs that say “Coal: It keeps our lights on” and simply “We support coal.” A third the way to the liberal mecca that […]

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Not Going over the Edge

It’s mid-February and spring is convincing itself upon northwest Colorado. And upon me. So yesterday I travelled through Meeker, its hunting businesses looking the way rafting companies look come September. Patched, worn, letters falling off marquees. I didn’t stop in Meeker. Or Rifle. Or Parachute, or De Beque or Palisade. […]

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Tracks on the Water

Stripes, an orange barn cat, would keep scarce, the barn’s owner, a middle-aged woman told me. The woman, fed up with Colorado winters, had packed her horse trailer for Florida. She pointed to the rafters where she had spotted the feline’s ears. I cat lurked, nestled in the pink blanket […]