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Evacu-cation Here in northern California the heat is rising. You heard about the biggest fire in California history. But you might not have heard what those of us who watched that fire and it’s thunderclouds of smoke from our back porches felt. My own emotions surprised me. Do we have […]

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Fading Lights

I have just one weekend with my husband-who-travels-a lot and his mother in San Diego, her home. To simplify things, I agree to just go along for the ride. You’ll see why. We shall call him “Lars,” the man I married 25 years ago after being set up by my […]

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Refrain Stays Mainly on the Train

Amtrak’s website is one of those glitchy, slow, government-like sites that seems to want to talk to your toaster rather than to you. So I felt proud when, via website, I succeeded in planning a trip to Sacramento, a one-way ticket from western Colorado aboard the California Zephyr.  I would […]