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The Village at Kelsey Creek

Watering Hole. Saloon. Bar. Pub. Each name carries a specific image but they are all public meeting places. Where disputes come to a head, ideas are stretched and tested, friends look into each other’s eyes to gauge their friend’s okayness. And people imbibe. They relax, giggle, open their souls a […]

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Evacu-cation Here in northern California the heat is rising. You heard about the biggest fire in California history. But you might not have heard what those of us who watched that fire and it’s thunderclouds of smoke from our back porches felt. My own emotions surprised me. Do we have […]

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Gunning for reason

Just about everything has been said about guns in the past month. Because everyone has an opinion. Yup, I’m getting to mine. If I can just figger out what it is. I am one of the few people in the middle of this. That is, not entirely decided. And you […]

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Shifting Borders

The day I first met “Esmeralda,” she was in a tree, a worn cotton picking sack around her shoulder, picking pears on a 14-foot ladder. In my orchard. I had never seen another woman in an orchard, besides the Lake and Mendocino County Farm Advisor, Rachel Elkins. When Esmeralda entered […]

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Saturday morning came early. It followed a rough week of paperwork, dishonest tenants, legal decisions, teetering hopes. So when my dear henna-headed friend who I’ll call “Terre” texted her idea, I rolled back over onto my pillow. I would have to think about it. The evidence shows she texted me […]