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Shifting Borders

The day I first met “Esmeralda,” she was in a tree, a worn cotton picking sack around her shoulder, picking pears on a 14-foot ladder. In my orchard. I had never seen another woman in an orchard, besides the Lake and Mendocino County Farm Advisor, Rachel Elkins. When Esmeralda entered […]

Blog, place, turning inward

Excusing excuses

First thing I learned about farming is there are no excuses. Maybe it’s the only thing I really learned. All the rest, just experiments really, produced no new wheel or mousetrap . . . or in my parallel universe, revision of manuscript. Edifying, perhaps, but measurable progress? Meh. Today I […]

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Huckleberries Fine

What is the most exquisite food known to mankind? Truffles? A perfectly ripened comice pear? No, my friends, it is the huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum for example.) Huckleberries are found growing wild in lightly forested areas of Montana and Idaho between approximately 9,000 and 9,500 feet. (although they’ve been found as […]